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Sip and Print


Come learn the art of blockprinting with linoleum and take home 5 or more cards with your own design, while having a few drinks! Linocut printing involves cutting a design into the Linoleum surface with sharp tools, then inking resulting image with a roller and presing with paper to produce a print. In this workshop, we will go over in more detail what linocut printing entails and participants will design and carve their own linoblock, which they will then use to print cards to take home. As linocuts can be used hundreds of times before they wear out, participants can also take their linocuts home and continue printing at their leisure! Wine, snacks, and materials for class will all be provided.

Tickets: $55



About your host, Sarah Bazier

Sarah is a local DC artist who likes to draw, sew, print, and paint pictures of flowers. When she's not making art, Sarah likes to ride her bike and spend time outsid