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Collaborative Screen Printing Workshop


The process of screen printing is much more than putting designs on shirts. In this workshop, we will experiment with layering images and colors on paper to make unique prints. Instead of the traditional method of taking apart and putting back together a single design, we will experiment with texture, color, and image placement as participants work together to choose stencils and inks, and rotate between different screens as they assemble one-of-a-kind prints that they can take with them.

Session Details

During the workshop, we will discuss the process of screen printing, and how different types of stencils are made. We will also talk about different print techniques such as split fountains, changing colors in-screen, and flocking materials to the surface of the print. Whether you are an experienced printer or just interested in the basics of the process, this workshop is a fun way socialize and collaborate while learning new screen printing techniques!

What You Will Learn

-The basics of how screen printing works, and how the image is exposed on a screen

-How to print images on a mesh screen

-How different types of stencils (either digital or hand-made) can create different effects when exposed on a screen

-About how composition, texture, color, and translucency effects how a printed image looks

-Fun techniques to customise your print!

What to Bring

Yourself! Paper, inks, screens, and squeegees will be provided for use during the workshop.

Tickets: $35



Beth is an organizer behind the Arcade, a group working to help keep art accessible in our DC neighborhoods. The Arcade focuses primarily on print methods to engage with the community through classes, workshops, and pop-up shirt printing events. Beth is an alum of the Corcoran College of Art + Design, and has been printing in Washington, DC for over 10 years. She specializes in non-linear screen printing, which focuses more on experimentation and manipulating the surface of the print to create varied editions, rather than executing a replicable design.

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