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Botanical Perfume Making

In this sensory workshop we will explore the art of plant-based perfumery. Participants will gain an elementary understanding of synthetic versus plant ingredients, perfume notes, and how to compose a perfume using a basic formula. Each participant will leave with a 15 ml bottle of their own work.

Tickets: $85


About your Host, Sara

Stemming from 70 years of family history in and around Washington, D.C., Urban Forest Perfume Co.was born out of a desire to pay homage to the city, honor my deep love of nature, and to share my passion for wearable, plant-based aromatics.  The ability to connect with people through fragrance brings me tremendous joy!       

On a stroll one day through Rock Creek Park (established in 1890 and one of the first national parks in the United States ), I came across a sign that states, "Rock Creek Park is a 2,000 acre Urban Forest...".  Because I spent a lot of time in the park, using it as a respite from crazy DC life, I felt it was the perfect name for my business.  I like to think of myself as a city girl.  I love the fast-paced energy and grittiness of cities; however, I often crave rest and relaxation outdoors in nature as a way to revitalize my creative spirit.