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Business How-To’s & Marketing Strategies for Artists, Curators & Creatives

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If you are expressing your creative voice, it is probably because you are a creative person at heart… and not a business or marketing expert. The valuable truth is that successful artists & curators need to exercise both business and marketing strategies as much as creative expression to thrive professionally.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to brainstorm your brand/mission as a creative

  • How to build your creative portfolio

  • How to identify your market, understand your target audience & market your work

  • How to determine your price/worth

  • How to assess the pros and cons (& confidence + monetary factors) of where you stand between hobbyist and full-time creative professional

  • How to implement essential marketing strategies to cut your logistical time in half so you may work smarter

This workshop is ideal for emerging artists & curators, and also appropriate for anyone who is in the first 3-4 years of a creative career, contemplating re-branding or contemplating making their passion project a full-time lifestyle.

You’ll finish this workshop with action steps to increase your client volume and feel confident with the business reality of your creative life.

Hand-outs, brainstorming exercises, marketing tools + tips included in workshop.

Tickets: $55 or $95 for two


About your host, Meghan Masius of Latela Curatorial
Meghan Masius is an Art Consultant & Artist Advisor at Latela Curatorial. She sources artwork for residential & corporate clients, assists artists with business development and has extensive experience reviewing and submitting proposals, building residency & educational programs. Meghan also excels in social media marketing + best business practices for artists, curators & other types of small business creatives.