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Catalogues, Proposals & Contracts for Artists + Curators

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Artists and curators very seldom get “discovered” without lifting a finger. Any artist who is busy with client work and/or exhibiting around the globe will tell you that most of their time spent is submitting proposals and populating spreadsheets with opportunities and deadlines.

Let’s get real: you need a sexy inventory and artist catalogue, a method to proposing, and a strategy for streamlining all of those potential opportunities out there. Also, you probably need a moment to ask yourself: are you proposing to galleries, corporate clients, or both?

Spend an evening with Meghan Masius of Latela Curatorial. Latela has exhibited more than 250 local artists in the past four years in Washington, DC. Meghan has extensive experience reviewing and creating art-project proposals, can provide an insider view on how submission processes work and what proposal reviewers are looking for.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to vision board & understand what kind of art opportunities you want (corporate clients, murals, gallery exhibitions, a combination, etc).

  • Key points in cataloguing/inventory practices that are necessary for proposals and submitting artwork

  • How to create your artist catalogue to show your work to potential clients at the click of a button

  • Key points in proposals (for corporate projects, murals, and exhibitions)

  • Key points to contracts (for corporate projects, murals, and exhibitions)

  • Key points to getting into galleries & the bloody truths about gallery representation

This workshop is ideal for all levels of artist, curator & creative professionals.

You’ll leave this workshop with templates + action steps to begin working smarter, protect yourself with contracts & propose to the right potential partners and clients.

Many hand outs, marketing tools, tips + good company always included.

Tickets: $55 or $95 for two


About your host, Meghan Masius of Latela Curatorial
Meghan Masius is an Art Consultant & Artist Advisor at Latela Curatorial. She sources artwork for residential & corporate clients, assists artists with business development and has extensive experience reviewing and submitting proposals, building residency & educational programs. Meghan also excels in social media marketing + best business practices for artists, curators & other types of small business creatives.