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Communicating Your Needs

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Do you want to practice more self-care but hold back because it might affect your relationships?  Are you afraid of disappointing other people by taking time for yourself? Do you wish you could communicate your self-care needs and boundaries with more assertiveness and ease?  

After working with hundreds of clients with their self-care, self-care coach Gracy Obuchowicz found that most of our common self-care blocks relate back to other people.  We want to take care of ourselves but get stuck because of how others might react.  As a result, we lose intimacy and get frustrated with ourselves.  It really doesn't have to be this way! 

During this highly-interactive 90-minute workshop, we'll cover the basics of how to communicate our self-care needs to others.  Together we'll:

- know when we need to set a boundary and how to do it effectively

- understand the function of our anger and how to use it righteously 

- learn why it's really ok to disappoint other people and how to deal with the guilt that may come up when we say "no" 

Please bring yourself and a journal to record insights.  Looking forward to making these self-care communications breakthrough together! 

Tickets: $30



More about your host

Gracy Obuchowicz is a DC-based yoga teacher, group facilitator and self-care coach. She helps overwhelmed professional women find a deeper work/life balance and live their way into real purpose with strength and ease.  Learn more about her work and sign up for her weekly self-care newsletter at