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Manifesting 101


Manifesting isn’t about mystical spells. It’s about getting clear on what we want so we can recognize when the universe delivers. It’s a mindset shift that helps you sit in the driver’s seat of your life so you aren’t left reacting to whatever life serves up.

In fact, today is a great day to manifest the shit out of some abundance.

In this workshop, we’ll practice simple tools for going after what we want in different parts of life, including love, money, home, work and spirit. You’ll learn how to hone in on your intentions through written and visual exercises, and how to regularly come back to them so you don't lose sight of them over time.

You’ll leave with a hand illustrated manifestation map, a set of badass original postcards to remind you of your manifesting superpowers, and a community to support you along the journey.

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About the organizer

Alanna Ford is an artist living in Washington, DC. By day, she launches new products focused on women and wellbeing at an innovation lab inside AARP called The Hatchery. By night, she makes art, cooks an inordinate amount of vegetables, and leads a group of lady creators called Circle of Magic.

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