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How to get unblocked

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When ladies gather in a circle with guided support, we can be heard, supported, and tap into our innermost creativity and power. This workshop is for lady creators of all stripes -- from artists and writers, to folks starting new side hustles or working on research projects -- who want to be inspired and hold each other accountable to turn their latent creative aspirations into a reality.

We'll be using a way of gathering called "Circle of Magic" to help us us break through some of our fear by bringing us together with a group of other creators. Circle of Magic is kinda like a book club, but in reverse: instead of reading stuff together, we make things and put them out in the world.

If Circle of Magic were a recipe, it would be…

  • 1 cup accountability
  • 1 cup inspiration
  • 2 cups deep connection with each other
  • 1 cup spiritual flow

This 2 hour workshop will include guided reflection, free writing exercises to help us tune into that little voice inside, and a chance for each person to brainstorm their creative idea with the group. Each person will leave with a hand illustrated guide for creating their own Circle of Magic after the class, as well as action steps for their creative project.

Check out a little visual story about Circle of Magic here.

Tickets: $55


About your host:

Alanna Ford is an artist living in Washington, DC. By day, she launches new products focused on women and wellbeing at an innovation lab inside AARP called The Hatchery. By night, she makes art, cooks an inordinate amount of vegetables, and leads a group of lady creators called Circle of Magic.

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