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Spring Upholstery


Nicole's upholstery courses look to give upholstery and home decor enthusiasts basic skills and tips on how to approach small projects like chairs, benches, and ottomans, with the hopes of empowering you with confidence to tackle even larger projects at home!


Taking her skills in upholstery and love for sharing, Nicole offers up a series of fun and engaging classes in D.C to help empower people to learn basic skills that can transform their shabby chic items into personal masterpieces on a budget.


Each one day 3-hour session is designed to maximize your time learning and executing basic skills for starting and completing one upholstery project. You'll be able to take your completed project home with you. Each session is designed to provide more personal attention in a fun, stress-free atmosphere, and will include a 15-minute break (Not to mention good music!) 

What you'll learn in class:

-How to properly and safely tear down and reassemble chairs using certain tools.

-Fabric and yardage, and determining how much to use on various projects.

-Materials needed for padding and reupholstering.

-Short cuts to help achieve the job with maximum results

What to bring:

-Your favorite fabric. If you are unsure about yardage needed to upholster your piece, please e-mail Nicole prior to each class. Usually for small projects, 1/2-2 yards is plenty. I am happy to guide you on whether your yardage is enough. I will also have spare fabric remnants on hand.

-Your small chair or bench. What if I don’t already have a chair?No, problem! We will happily provide you with a demo chair at an additional sourcing fee of $20, due at the beginning of the class. Please notify me before your scheduled session to allow time to source a chair. Also, the Goodwill is an excellent place to find low-cost demo chairs.

- All tools, foam and/or cotton needed to re-pad your item will be provided to the class. No worry about that!



Nicole is a Furniture designer and DIY enthusiast with a passion for chair upholstery and budget-friendly makeovers. She is also a former Photo Editor with The Washington Post and Netflix.

Feel free to e-mail with any questions.