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*TLC OFFSITE* A Conversation About Female Sexual Empowerment

Artwork by  Carlo Bongiovanni

** Please note: This event will be held at General Assembly at 1133 15th St NW **

Please join us for a panel discussion to benefit Planned Parenthood on April 24 about all things female empowerment and sexual pleasure-related issues. Our panel will focus on increasing fun and sexual pleasure for women and those who identify as women, how to advocate for yourself in the bedroom, body positive affirmations, and answering audience-generated questions.

In the current culture of the #metoo campaign and Times Up, this is a revolution of women empowerment. It’s time now for women to claim their bodies as their own and that our pussies are not for grabbing, unless, consented. There are so many ways for women to have sex and feel good about their bodies, so why don’t we teach pleasure and the power of healthy-sex in Sex Ed? Why hasn’t your gynecologist ever asked you how you orgasm? Why do most conversations about sex revolve around male pleasure and ejaculation?

Do you have questions about what to do when sex just isn’t going right? Insecurities with your body or questions about sex that you aren’t comfortable asking your friends? Then please join us for our panel on April 24! All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington.

Panel Speakers:

  • Rebecca Hassell: Since participating in Betty Dodson's infamous BodySex workshop, Rebecca has been inspired to encourage women to talk about sex and explore their sexuality with the goal of increasing body pride and reducing stigma and self-consciousness. She leads Women Uncorked at the Lemon Collective and has developed a workshop on consent. When Rebecca isn't leading sex discussion groups, she is a professional chef and entrepreneur.

  • Rachel Rubin: Dr. Rubin is a urologist and sexual medicine specialist in Washington DC. She focuses on the medical and surgical management of male and female sexual dysfunction. Sex education and promoting pain free sex is a huge passion of hers.

  • Reba Corrine: RebaTheDiva is an entertainer, pleasure educator and sex toy consultant based in Washington, DC. As an ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association, Reba is committed to promoting sexual health awareness among adults of all ages. Reba is best known for her signature Blow His Mind! Fellatio 101 Workshop and has been teaching sex-positive workshops since 2015.

  • Maren Colon: Maren is the Director of Associate Membership and Corporate Philanthropy for a well-known banking trade association. She’s a native and lover of all things South Dakota, a runner, patriotic and proud, a plus-size fashionista, and body-positive advocate who encourages women to be leaders in every aspects of their lives, most importantly their own sexuality

Tickets: $20 general admission, $50 Post Party Drink with the Panelists

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