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Women Uncorked Goes to Spa World

What’s more fun than talking about sex with a group of like-minded ladies? How about doing that while in a giant jacuzzi? It’s high time we took this to SpaWorld! We will meet at the Lemon Collective and carpool over. Drivers needed! (If we take your car, you’ll be reimbursed for gas.)

9:15AM: Arrive at the Lemon Collective
9:30AM: Depart
10:30AM: Arrive at SpaWorld
12PM: Have a Women Uncorked session in the dressing room sitting area
1PM: Get lunch from the SpaWorld cafe. (Our session might well continue)
3PM: Depart from SpaWorld
4PM: Arrive back in DC. Get drinks at Colony Club or Bravo Bar

- All activities are optional.
- SpaWorld is a traditional Korean spa in Centreville, VA ( The pool areas are gender-segregated, and nudity is mandatory. It also has several dry saunas, a sitting area, and a cafeteria that are mixed gender, where we all wear funny spa outfits. It has a strict policy against outside food and drinks, and re-admittance is not allowed (so you can’t go out for food). However, their cafe's food is solid, and the prices are reasonable.
- Due to Spa World’s food policy, we will not actually have any wine. But we can go out for drinks when we get back to DC.
- Spa World offers two different kinds of body work:
o Thai Massage, such as full body and hand/food massage. These are done in a separate massage area at SpaWorld. You must schedule these ahead of time.
o Body Scrubs. These are done in the gender-segregated pool areas. You sign up for these as soon as you arrive in the dressing room.

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Later Event: November 8