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The September Issue: Career Vision Boards

Photo by  Fabian Irsara  on  Unsplash

Photo by Fabian Irsara on Unsplash

Are you exploring a career change, or wanting to deepen in the field you're in? 

Spend an evening really exploring the work you do -- your goals, plans, dreams, and values for creating your daily life -- from the money you make to the impact you'll leave on everyone you encounter. With guided help, create a beautiful vision board that steers you in the direction of your career future,  whatever that means for you. You may go on to launch a new business, enroll in a degree program, recommit to your students, redecorate your cublicle, quit your job, or buy a new domain name...

All career paths, business dreams, degree hopes, and side hustles welcome. 

You'll leave with a beautiful vision board for your career, clarity about your next steps, and a room full of new friends. All art supplies, drinks and snacks provided. 

Cost: $25, or $60 for a September Issue subscription
This class is part of The September Issue series at The Lemon Collective, which includes a vision board class on Sep. 28 focused on personal style and a vision board class on Sep. 26 focused on home decor, in addition to tonight's workshop focused on careers. If you are ready to give your life a full makeover, you can buy a subscription to all three for a discount! 

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