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Come together for a night of catharsis, support, safety, and lighting shit on fire. 

With guided help, you will have space to share (or not) and create, relect, and burn away any stuck stories that are holding you back from feeling truly free and truly you, including experiences of sexual trauma, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. 

Tickets are free but limited to ensure that a safe, sacred, and fire-resistant space is created. Any donations made will go toward creating spaces like this in the future, and establishing spaces of on-going support.

Led by Kimberly Pendleton, coach & creator of Heart Space, a community for empowering women. Learn more about other upcoming workshops, the 2018 Empowerment Mastermind, future retreats, and one-on-one coaching here.

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About your host, Kim Pendleton, creator of Heart Space


A California native & local writer, Kim is the creator of Heart Space. You can probably find her pasting magazine pages into her journal at a local coffee shop or making a mess with watercolors at her kitchen table.