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Getting Cozy With Our $$$: Finances for Creatives

The link between how we want our lives to look and feel & our feelings and practices around money is strong. Join a group of other creative folks for a deep dive into the practical, fantastical, and goal-oriented elements of managing your money.

Money can be a source of a lot of shame for people, or a topic that some of us just don't feel like spending much time thinking about. But, it can also be a powerful tool for mapping out the life we want. Planning for a big adventure, a deeper investment in a home or a big experience, or our futures as wise, old farts, can actually help us to uncover gifts, values, dreams, and visions that we didn't even know we had.

Over chocolate and rosé, we will get brave and bold together, and explore elements of our financial lives that range from the practical and useful (logistics, bookkeeping, tips, habits) to the big picture and vision-oriented (goals, lifestyles, dreams, planning).

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About your host, Kimberly Pendleton

A California native & local grad student, Kim is the creator of Beauty School. You can probably find her pasting magazine pages into her journal at a local coffee shop or making a mess with watercolors at her kitchen table. She is saving up for a trip to Mexico, a fancy purse, and retirement, if that still exists...