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Astrology Readings


An astrology reading is a spiritual inquiry into your life. The birth chart is a map of all areas of your life that you carry with you from birth. It reveals events that will occur over the course of your lifetime, aptitudes and strengths you carry, and offers a template for living in a way that helps you to feel most vibrant, satisfied, and fulfilled. 


Readings can address a specific question about love, career, family. The information conveyed in a reading can help you to make a decision by shedding light on the planetary influences in your life. Readings can also be a general discussion of your chart and the planetary influences coming into your life in the next 6-12 months. 


All readings are by appointment. Date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth are needed to have a reading. 

$55 for 30 minutes

$108 for 60 minutes

Please send your payment via PayPal to, and use the same e-mail address to send your desired date and time of your reading, along with your birth information!



Studying astrology feels like remembering to me. I was put on the astrological path under a Venus retrograde cycle in 2009, and I have been practicing astro ever since. In 2014 I set up astrological shop as Atlas Astrology, dispensing astrological knowledge by blog and e-mail. My horoscopes have appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books. I use astrology as a tool for self knowledge (and other-knowledge), for astrological planning,  for spiritual growth and celestial guidance. I live in Maryland with my cat and my astrolabe.