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Illustrate Your Own Recipe!

Nibs, Nibbles and Double Dipping!

In this class you will ink and illustrate your own recipe. You will learn the technical aspects (nibs, ink, brushes, paper), then play with your new-found tools and practice sketching with some magic tips. Finally, you will create your own illustration! The subject of our artwork will be the ingredients (and some other surprises) of an authentic Mexican salsa.  To ensure you are immersed in your art, we will snack on homemade salsa, and margaritas will lubricate your creative process. You will take home essential inking skills, an authentic palate-teasing salsa recipe, and your own inked postcard illustration!

No drawing skills required.

Class price includes all materials, nibbles, and drinks; an hour of instruction; and an hour of guided sketching and inking. 

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Check out more of Patricia's work on instagram! @patrillustrates 

Patricia Baca Illustrator, designer, and food enthusiast. Born in Mexico City and schooled in Kiev and Baltimore. Through her travels and her work as a creative producer and designer for Al Jazeera English she became attuned to the commonalities that underlie our differences. Now as an independent creative based in Washington, DC, she seeks to illustrate the small true things that connect us all, and to create community through the rituals of gathering, eating, and creating.