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Create Art From Your Astrological Chart

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of astrological symbolism so that you can create a piece of art from your own astrological birth chart. Join astrologer Ichrak Dahou to discover the spirit of the planets, signs, and houses, and call on your imaginative powers to create an intuitive artistic rendering of your chart.

You will come away from this workshop a bit more steeped in celestial mystery, a bit more connected to the movements of the heavens, and with a printed astrological reference guide and artistic representation of your own chart to contemplate.

All art materials are included in the cost of the workshop, as well as an hour or so of astrological instruction and a printed copy of your birth chart.

All levels of astro curious are welcome! It would be best to have your date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth on hand, but just the date of birth can work too. Please e-mail with your birth data after purchasing!

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I have taken pride in memorizing people’s birthdays since I was in middle school, which makes me think that my soul carried the memory of astrology to this body from other lives. Studying astrology feels like remembering to me. I was put on the astrological path under a Venus retrograde cycle in 2009, and I have been practicing astro ever since. In 2014 I set up astrological shop as Atlas Astrology, dispensing astrological knowledge by blog and e-mail. I use astrology as a tool for self knowledge (and other-knowledge), for spiritual growth and celestial guidance. I live in Maryland with my cat and my astrolabe.

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