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Narrative nonfiction workshop

Are you a journal-er, blogger, writer, or someone who just wishes they wrote more? Join Molly Korroch for an evening of story telling, workshopping, and re-imagining!

This class will focus on the idea of absence. When a painter paints a white egg, they don't necessarily use white. They paint what remains: the shadows and flecks of color that create the impression of an egg. How can we as writers apply a similar concept to our personal narrative? Together, we will explore this idea through writing, reading, and perhaps a glass of wine or two.

Tickets: $25


About your host, Molly Korroch

Molly Korroch is a writer living in Washington DC, where she is pursuing a masters degree in journalism at Georgetown University. Her published writing includes magazine editorials, blog posts, newspaper articles, digital publications, websites, social media, a flash non-fiction collection, and an award-winning libretto. Her unpublished writing includes a shelf-full of Moleskine journals that she's been writing since the ninth grade and pages upon pages of exercises from writing classes just like this one.