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Mindfulness Knitting

Half knitting circle, half guided meditation, this workshop takes the relaxation and tranquility you experience from your knitting practice and elevates them to a new level. You will find yourself immersed in smell and sound, enjoy relaxation and visualization exercises with a group of likeminded crafters, and learn to use knitting as a tool for mindfulness.

This event is open to all knitters from total beginners to the very advanced (crochet also welcome!), but at least a little basic knitting knowledge is needed. Bring the knitting project of your choice, preferably something that doesn’t require you to spend too much time looking at a pattern. This event is BYOB.

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Interested in receiving a tarot reading after class? There is a time slot available for a private, one-on-one tarot reading after class from 8:15 to 8:45. Purchase your reading here.


Emily is an experienced tarot and mindfulness practitioner and has founded Woven Psyche to merge her passions for tactile artistry and spiritual self-empowerment.  Emily's classes and workshops combine ritual, meditative and spiritual practices with arts and crafts, music, aromatherapy, and practical life skills for unique, holistic learning experiences.