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The Emotional Labor Union: Domesticity

Society has long since decided domestic labor is women's work.

But do you like to bake? Do you enjoy having a dance party or listening to podcasts as you clean? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction in taking care of your home and the ones you love?

How do we reconcile that which we love with the idea that it may be the same thing that holds us back?

Come let your voice be heard and feel supported by a wonderful community of intelligent women! As always there will be wine, snacks, and women with voices and opinions.

The Emotional Labor Union is a monthly feminist discussion group created around four beliefs:

  1. Because community feels good: The ELU brings women together who prioritize being intentional and carving out time and space to devote to knowing themselves and other women better. This is a group that provides love, support and where no question or opinion is off-limits.

  2. Because it makes us stronger: The more time we spend having invigorating discussions, finding common ground with other women, and cementing how we feel about topics that affect us, the more powerful we become both individually and collectively.

  3. Because taking ownership and being creative build confidence: The ELU is a unique space that is created by its participants. By joining a session you help steer topics and share ideas.

  4. And Because self-care is the BEST: In today’s fast-paced world it can be easy, especially for women, to put their interests and pursuits behind other things that may be more ‘urgent’ or ‘important.’ Devoting time to pursuing your interests, and your $ by supporting causes you think are worthwhile, are some of the best forms of self-care! The ELU gives everyone a nourishing and energizing experience that allows you to find your own voice on matters that are important to you.

The Emotional Labor Union welcomes everyone who identifies as female.

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Feminist issues, community-building and rosé have been passions of Casey's for a long time. After a recent solo vacation, the first she'd ever taken, she felt invigorated by the idea of creating spaces for women to come together to talk openly and honestly about issues they face today. Both as a form of catharsis as well as to build a supportive community. When she's not leading feminist discussion groups, Casey can be found managing the operations of a political consultancy, bartending or chilling at home with her husband and two kitties.