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Create Alignment: Uncovering Your Purpose and Designing Your Life


There is an offering that only you can make. 

In your work, in love, in your family, to your community, to yourself, and for the world. 

Your work in this world deeply matters. 

It may be your calling at a job, but it may not be. 

It may be your role as a mom, a wife, or a partner, but it may not be. 

It may be something else: inviting you, beckoning you, waiting for you. 

As Amy Everhart puts it, What if your calling is calling you? 

Spend a night doing the deep work of listening. 

You will have everything you need to hear. 

Your guide is Kimberly Pendleton, a women's empowerment & creativity coach who has helped hundreds of women to clarify their goals, desires, and dreams through meditation, visualizations, art, goal setting, and structured next steps. Trusting your night to her will mean turning the keys of your future over to your own inner wisdom, which Kimberly is an expert at accessing. Think of her as a tour guide, and the space of this circle as an invitation to your seat in the universe: the spot where you can sit around the great campfire of life, a spot made just for you. Over wine and treats, with art supplies and high-impact explorations and exercises, you will uncover your deepest dreams and your true purpose. Space is limited. 

This is a deep dive, and it will offer you clarity, focus, and a super charge of meaning in what you are currently doing, as well as a clear roadmap toward what you want to do next. 

If you'd like to read more about Kimberly & the work that she does, you can explore Heart Space, coaching, retreats, and small group masterminds for women. There are also free resources for you there, if you are exploring these questions but not ready to make the financial investment yet in this workshop. However, if you do decide that this is the right time to commit to clarity and energy toward your future, you will have everything you need to move forward with artful alignment and deep inspiration. 

Your investment of $110 includes: a special journal, planner, art supplies to keep, and a few surprises, along with guided meditation, wine, snacks, and sparkling water, a circle of women all encouraging and supporting your growth.

No refunds are available for this event, but if you can't make it, your ticket price is good for a future Heart Space workshop, retreat, or mastermind.

Your life is a work of art. Let's create it.

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About your teacher, Kimberly Pendleton


Kimberly Pendleton is a local Professor of Women's Studies & Cultural History and a Women's Empowerment Coach. You can find out more about her work & her coaching packages at her website, Heart Space: Empowering Every Woman to Shine Bright. She loves Kathleen Hanna, daydreaming of trips to Italy, and helping all women have the tools they need to create the lives they want. 

*This class costs money, because we believe that women's labor should be compensated fairly, but we also want everyone to have access to the tools that they need, including education. If the ticket price for this event is prohibitive for you, a volunter spot is available to help set up & clean up in exchange for attendance. If you are interested, email:*

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