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Period Portraits- Getting Crafty


Period Portraits is an interactive event experience where you are able to share your personal stories of your body through intimate storytelling, affirmations, and other interactive activities. You are able to connect and meet others that want to learn and share a part of themselves all while breaking down the stigma of menstruation.

This installment of Period Portraits will be held at the awesome work space, The Lemon Collective. You will get to meet and connect to individuals that want to share their period stories in a creative and cozy setting. You can partake in various affirmation and crafting activities to express your flowing (hehe) thoughts about menstruation, whilst enjoying yummy treats and drinks. You will also get to have an intimate interview with our founder, Tara, and get a keepsake portrait (a downloadable picture will be available after the event).

Please note: We welcome all menstruators and friends of menstruators to this safe space. 

A portion of the proceeds of this event will benefit The Unmentionables. The Unmentionables is a non-profit organization providing global refugee populations with goods considered “unmentionable”: underwear, sexual health products, feminine hygiene products, and related education programming. 

Tickets: $12


Period Portraits is breaking down the stigma of menstruation through vulnerable story-sharing and empowering photographe$1d portraits. Participants tap into a deeper part of themselves and connect to a community while sharing a very sacred story of their own period journey. Period Portraits was founded by Tara Pokras in the Spring of 2017. She drew from her lifelong love of photography, her deep connection to storytelling, and her teenage obsession of the Vagina Monologues. 


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