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Little Academy Presents: Queer and Now

“We’re here! We’re Queer! Get used to it!”

 What does queer mean in the age of gay marriage and the Obama administration’s challenge to “bathroom laws”?  Learn about the thinkers and movements that led to the emergence of queer theory and contemporary discussions that consider normativity, biopolitics, queer of color critique, and disability studies.  We’ll look together at the art and aesthetics of queerness, consider the impact of HIV/AIDS, and the transformational scholarship that leads us to think queerness anew.

Cost: Free / Suggested Donation $30


About your instructor, Michael Horka

Michael Horka is a doctoral candidate in the Department of American Studies at the George Washington University.  His interests include ecocriticism, critical theory, and American religious history.  Michael’s dissertation,“Apocalyptic Natures: The Ecological Politics of Science Fiction,” considers how science fiction has been involved with struggles over what counts as “nature” and how these debates have been central to the apocalyptic stylings of U.S. politics since the 1970s.  Before attending GW, Michael was a lay ecclesial minister to young adult Catholics in the Archdiocese of Detroit and a category manager and buyer for a small business association in Michigan. His teaching has been awarded with George Washington University’s highest honor for undergraduate instruction.