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LITTLE ACADEMY presents Art History: Master the Museum, Part 2

Dates: July 11 & July 13

LITTLE ACADEMY presents Art History: Master the Museum, Part 1 (Monday) and LITTLE ACADEMY presents Art History: Master the Museum, Part 2 (Wednesday) 

Become a Smithsonian-going ninja by gaining expertise in talking about art, artists, and major art movements. Learn which famous group of artists was named “wild beasts” for their use of color, how to instantly identify a Rembrandt,and be able to explain to your visiting friends and family the big ideas behind Andy Warhol’s soup cans. Drink wine and take a virtual tour of the Louvre. Meet other smart, quirky, and curious people. Master the Museum. For more info see our website

Cost: $30 per person

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About Little Academy: 

Each class at Little Academy offers a crash course in an interesting, important subject. See our full class listhere. Part performance, part discovery–each class blends informative lecture with creative engagement. Have a drink, meet new people, learn from an expert, and join some of the district’s most interesting conversations. Enrollment in any Little Academy class also reserves your spot at the Little Gala in September, a one-of-a-kind grand salon at the end of the summer designed to bring the Little crowd 

Shannon Davies Mancus received her M.A. and Ph.D. from George Washington University. Her teaching experience includes a range of classes including “Film and Politics,” “US Media & Cultural History,” and “Introduction to the Arts in America,” and Modern American Cultural History. She has also worked as a teaching artist for the Manhattan-based Women’s Project, helping at-risk teenagers write, develop, and perform anti-violence theatre pieces. She is also the Director of the American Studies Film Club. She has presented at national and international conferences, as well as taught overseas in Florence, Italy.