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LITTLE ACADEMY presents Playing the Woman Card: Gender Politics in the Election and Beyond, Part 2

Lean in, teach in, or shout? 

Become fluent in today’s questions about gender and feminist figures, from Beyoncé to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Trace the  images of sexism in political campaigns ads leading up to today.

Learn the basics of gender theory and the history of feminist activism. Know the five most important sites of feminist art and activism in DC. Gain an in-depth knowledge about current politics, pop culture, and critical insights by discussing about gender identity, women’s rights, trans politics, and the radical resistance to the status quo that underground collectives, punk rockers, and dainty ladies have all staged to smash the patriarchy throughout the U.S. 

Learn why the Geurilla Girls call themselves “feminist masked avengers” when they vandalize art museum ads, who the radical socialists of the Combahee River Collective are, and why the feminist manifesto penned by the woman who shot Andy Warhol matters. Meet other curious & passionate folks over drinks, debate about the wage gap, Lean In, and what Hillary Clinton’s campaign means for women and for Washington, DC.

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About your teacher

Kimberly Pendleton is a PhD candidate in American Studies at George Washington University. Her research focuses on the intersections of gender, religion and international humanitarian work. Kimberly holds a B.A. from Georgetown University,  as well as a M.A. in American Religious History from Yale Divinity School. Her dissertation explores the ways that religious ideology and humanitarian intervention overlap, and the impact of their intimate connection on international productions of gender and sexuality. Her teaching experience includes U.S. and transnational religion, globalization and imperialism, humanitarian work and representations of global crisis, and gender/sexuality studies, among others. She has worked at UN Women and for anti-human trafficking NGOs.

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