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Five-Course Exploration of Watercolor & Mindful Eating

Five-Course Exploration of Watercolor & Mindful Eating with food pairing and kombucha tasting

Are you craving better understanding of healthy eating that actually tastes good? Are you hankering to up your creativity this year? Wouldn't it be delicious if you could learn both at once?

Come to this innovative and extremely useful watercolor + healthy eating workshop with three of DC's premiere food movers and shakers.

Join DC's favorite food artist Marcella Kriebel, self care expert Gracy Obuchowicz, healthy cooking guru Sarah Waybright for five courses of watercolor technique, healthy eating sanity + delicious food + kombucha at the Lemon Bowl. 

Learn to finally break the diet/deprivation cycle while breaking watercolor painting down into five easy steps.

Feast upon delicious, nutritious food while discovering your artist greatness (yup, even you can be a great artist if you take a risk and try!)

Emerge with your own fine work of art + five healthy and delicious recipes to bring into your new year.

The cost is $75 for a five course healthy tasting menu, watercolor instruction + materials, and healthy eating guidelines that will bring success + sanity the rest of your 2016.

When: June 26th 4-7pm 

Where: The Lemon Bowl

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"This workshop was such a delight. It truly informative - I felt like I walked away with usable insights around eating and nutrition, as well as painting in watercolor - and the food was fantastic (+ we got the recipes afterwards!). It was both a creative outlet and a tasty way to spend a few hours. I'd highly recommend it!" --Allie A.