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Valentine's Day Photoshoot with You and Your Sweety

Picture this: We will set up a dreamy, Valentine's day scene. We will take custom photographs of you in this scene. We will give you the digital files, and you can make your significant other (or BFF or mom or dad or pet) a card or a print with an image of the thing he/she loves most: YOU! 

AND, if you want, we can add some custom design touches on top of the image. There you are, surrounded by red and pink and magic, holding a lovely paper heart that says "KEVIN" and then has some reference to an inside joke that only lovers as sweet as you two would get. We'll make you something real sweet for your sweetie.

Option 1: $40 for 20 minutes + 5 hi-res digital photos

Option 2: $55 for 20 minutes + 5 hi-res digital photos + custom design on top of one of your photos (with which you can order a print or a card from a third party)


About your hosts, Amy and Rachel

Amy King is a graphic designer, art director, stylist and occasional photographer. She works at The Washington Post as a Deputy Design Director on a team that makes a lot of apps. Rachel Orr is a designer for Mobile Innovations team at The Washington Post, where she works on tablet, mobile, web and Apple Watch interfaces. She likes to doodle and give gifts.

Earlier Event: January 27
Later Event: January 31
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