Frequently Asked Questions


So are you like a store or a studio or a …??? 

The short answer is yes! The Lemon Collective is a shared studio space founded by three local makers. We also host all sorts of DIY workshops during the evenings and on the weekends. During the week we are open for you to visit and shop our shelves for products made by local artists. 

What are your shop hours?

We are open by appointment. You are always able to purchase locally made items before and after workshops!

Can I host my event there?

Yes! We would love to host your event at The Lemon Collective. A few things first: Our space is rather tiny, so we can fit approximately 15 seated, or 40 standing. We request a fee of $100 per hour, and you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages. No cooking is permitted on-premises. Contact

Can I teach a workshop?

Please do! We’re always looking for new teachers. Send your idea for workshops to Please include the price, photos of the product and experience you’ve had leading the class. We request a $50 per hour fee from instructors, and all of the proceeds go straight to you. 

Do you offer memberships?

Yeah we do! Membership includes unlimited communal access to the space, free wifi, as many classes as you’d like to teach and a shout out on our website. The cost is $150 a month, and we request a minimum of three months commitment. 

Are you hiring or accepting interns?

Currently we don’t have any full-time employment opportunities, but we’re always looking for extra help. If you’re interested in interning email with a brief description of your work experience and specific ways you’d like to help. 

Can I sell in your retail space?

We’re always looking for new products that align with our brand, and we find our visitors are eager to support local makers. We request a $50 per month fee to host your items on our shelves with all of the profits going straight to you.

I have a party/wedding coming up. Can you decorate it?

That sounds so fun, and congratulations. We’d love to make your event special by lending our design services. Email with the following details: the date and location of your event and your budget.

Do you offer design services?

We sure do! We’ve provided design services for local restaurants, offices and residences. Email us at for more details on how we can work together.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Make a sharp right onto Main Street and then make your third left.

Is there somewhere to eat or drink before/after our workshop?

The Park View neighborhood is full of gems. We love Colony Club for coffee and beers across the street. Room 11 and The Coupe are close by and are always great for some grub. 

Do you offer corporate classes?

Yes we do. We offer our space for private groups of 6-12 guests, and we are also happy to teach on-location if you’d prefer that we came to you. Email with your desired workshop, dates and location.

Can I bring alcohol to class?

Yes. We just ask that you also bring glassware as we don’t have any to provide. Also we may ask for a sip.

Can I bring my child?

More often than not you can bring your child. It’s best to check with the instructor beforehand to ensure the tools are safe for children to use.

Has anybody at The Lemon Collective ever had a reoccurring role on “Full House”? 

Why, yes they have! Our very own Kathryn Zaremba was a child actress.

How can I find out about upcoming classes?

Make sure you never miss a class by signing up for our newsletter. We send it out on the first of every month and promise not to bug you!