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Consent Role-Play Workshop

artwork by @regards_coupables

artwork by @regards_coupables

One thing that we’ve learned from the #metoo movement is that, as a society, we do not know how to ask for or how to give consent. At one extreme, this contributes to sexual abuse. Even more pervasive are the unsatisfying encounters and bad sex that our inability to communicate leads to.

Let's tackle this head on! At this workshop, we will define consent, discuss different kinds, and then practice communicating what we do and don’t want, all in a safe, supportive environment. You will leave more confident in your ability to advocate for yourself and to hear your partner’s needs.

Tickets: $20

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About your host, Rebecca Hassell

Last fall, Rebecca participated in Betty Dodson's infamous BodySex workshop and has since been inspired to encourage women to talk about sex and explore their sexuality with the goal of increasing body pride and reducing stigma and self-consciousness. Rebecca has also developed an abbreviated version of the BodySex workshop called "Reclaiming Your Female Body." When Rebecca isn't leading sex discussion groups, she is a professional chef and entrepreneur.