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DSLR + Mirrorless Camera Basics

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This class will be taught with DLSR and Mirrorless camera users in mind.

Learn how your camera works so that you can create the perfect image. Composing the frame beautifully, choosing the appropriate settings for your camera, and understanding how exposures are made are just the beginning. This class is specifically designed for those who want to learn more about their own cameras work and those elusive manual exposure settings.

Topics Include:

We will cover composition and framing basics - and how you can begin, and sustain, making beautiful and unique images

Master your camera’s manual exposure settings!

ISO - what is it and why do I care?

Leave with a solid understanding of Depth of Field and Aperture controls

Creating artistic images through manual exposure settings, i.e. learn to capture movement

Best practices for using auto + manual focus

How to handle White Balance (and avoid weird color casts!)

Which lenses are best for you?

Participants are encouraged to bring their own camera. An extra battery, memory card, and your camera’s instruction manual are also very helpful to have on hand at this class.

Tickets: $65


About your host, Amanda Archibald

Amanda Archibald is a photographer and arts educator living and working within the District.  She teaches high school art and photography in McLean, Virginia, hosts monthly workshops at the Petworth Library in NW, exhibits her work locally, collaborates with other DC photographers and always aims to capture that perfect light, those unforgettable moments. She will guide you step by step through the photographic process and teach you how to best utilize those confusing buttons on your fancy camera.