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Handmade Ceramic Planter


Come make your own handmade ceramic planter using the slab-building technique. Students will use groggy-white-stoneware to create their own vessels. (add feet for fun detail!) There will be colored underglazes to add color, and painted detail, get as creative as you want.

Students are able to make as many simple or elaborate cylinder shapes as they can in the 2.5 hour workshop (on average 1-3 pieces). Then pieces will be hand delivered to Melissa's studio to be fired to cone 6 in her kiln, the final pieces will be clear glazed so they will be fully functional. Once pieces are glaze fired Melissa will ship to students to use as beautiful new homes for their plants! 

Skill set - beginner to expert! Always great to bring inspiration. 

Finished pieces ship in appx. 7-10 days

Tickets: $65



About your host, Melissa Cromwell

Melissa started cromwell ceramics after making and designing for Jonathan Adler for 10 years. She decided to return to her home on the shores of the Chesapeake to open a studio to teach and share the passion and joys of clay. to see Melissa's person work please visit