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Magic 101


Seeking to get in touch with the sacred feminine? To find your inner strength? To heal? To face your career with greater confidence? To doubt yourself less in romance? To work on that anger problem or an inability letting go of grudges? Sometimes it helps to state our intention to the universe through a physical ritual that externalizes our thoughts and feelings and puts the energy out into the world that we seek to have around us. This is the essence of magic.

Work with an experienced tarot, mindfulness and spellwork practitioner and learn everything you need to craft your own personalized, self-affirming magic ritual.


This two hour class will cover the following topics:

-What is magic anyway and how does it apply in everyday life?

-How does this style of magic differ from religious practices like Santeria, Candoble, Voodoo, and Wicca?

-Ethical ground rules

-The core components of an effective magic ritual

-Items and practices that can be incorporated into ritual (tarot, astrology, spiritual sound, aromatherapy, etc.)

-Exercises to help you craft your own beautiful, personal ritual based on what you've learned

-Guided meditation and relaxation exercises to get you in the right mental state for performing ritual

-An opportunity to perform part or all of your new ritual in a supportive and energetically charged environment


A variety of raw materials will be provided for you to incorporate into your ritual.

You are encouraged to bring: A nice journal or notebook which you would like to use specifically for holding the rituals and spells you have authored; Items that are heavily imbued with your energy for use in your ritual such as a photo of yourself, a sample of your perfume, etc.; if you have a particular topic in mind for your ritual, items that evoke that topic for you.

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Want to Book A Private Tarot Reading With Me After Class?

I will be available to provide a private 60 minute reading to one client after class. We can use this time to explore your goals and desires for 2018, or to cover another topic of your choice. If you would like to reserve this time slot, you can do so by clicking here.



Emily is an experienced tarot and mindfulness practitioner and has founded Woven Psyche to merge her passions for tactile artistry and spiritual self-empowerment.  Emily's classes and workshops combine ritual, meditative and spiritual practices with arts and crafts, music, aromatherapy, and practical life skills for unique, holistic learning experiences.