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Explore Your 6th Sense Through Tarot

Ever had a psychic moment? Have you ever had one of those uncanny gut feelings that something bad was just about to happen, and then it did? Picked up the phone to call a friend right at the same time that she was calling you? Had a dream come true? Predicted the next song on the radio? That's your sixth sense talking. We all have one. But some of us are better at listening to it than others.

Tarot is an excellent tool for enhancing our intuitive abilities. Whether you’ve never touched a tarot card before or have been reading cards for decades, this class is great for anyone interested in exploring and enhancing her own intuition as well as for anyone who is curious about tarot.


What to Expect

In this class we will use a combination of meditation, tarot, freewriting and interactive partner exercises to help you get in touch with your inner wisdom. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of your intuitive mind, and with practical exercises you can perform on your own or with friends to continue stretching your sixth sense long after class is over.

Tarot cards, pens and paper will be provided.

Bring (optional): A beverage, a journal, or favorite writing utensil. If you require a wrist brace for conditions such as carpal tunnel, you will want to bring it with you for the free writing exercise.

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Want to Book A Private New Years Tarot Reading With Me After Class?

I will be available to provide a one hour private 60 minute reading to one client after class. We can use this time to explore your goals and desires for 2018, or to cover another topic of your choice. If you would like to reserve this time slot, you can do so by clicking here.


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Emily is an experienced tarot and mindfulness practitioner and has founded Woven Psyche to merge her passions for tactile artistry and spiritual self-empowerment.  Emily's classes and workshops combine ritual, meditative and spiritual practices with arts and crafts, music, aromatherapy, and practical life skills for unique, holistic learning experiences.

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