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Textured Ceramic Planters


Come get your hands dirty, and learn a new ceramics technique!

Hand-thrown cylinders will be provided to students to add their own textural design (students receive two 3"x3" cylinders).

Learn how to create brutalist-style texture, create your own pattern, or a totally new texture! 
Students will have 2.5 hours to learn, practice, and execute their own texture onto two provided cylinders. (put a hole in your cylinder to make it a planter!).

Once pieces are dry, Melissa will hand-deliver to her studio to be fired to cone 6 in her kiln.
Melissa will glaze fire (three glaze options provided for students to choose from) and ship directly to students to enjoy and show off!

Skill set - beginner to expert! 

Finished pieces ship in appx. 7-10 days 

Tickets: $65



About your host, Melissa Cromwell

Melissa started cromwell ceramics after making and designing for Jonathan Adler for 10 years. She decided to return to her home on the shores of the Chesapeake to open a studio to teach and share the passion and joys of clay. to see Melissa's person work please visit